February 27, 2012 – Sleep

It is amazing how sleep can change things.  I feel so much more optimistic and happy and invincible now that I have had some sleep!  The same problems remain as I pro-actively try to solve the ones I can.

The foremost issue, today, is play dates and friendships (in town).  I have some great friends far away on the East Coast but am still struggling to find these friendships here. Our new busy schedule (work/sitter in the morning and therapy each afternoon) is making it even more difficult.  We live in a small town where people’s families all reside.  Ours does not.  So on weekends, when we would like to get together with people, they are all tied up with family.  I feel bad for all of us (my husband, son, and I).

Our son’s last play date made him so happy!  I am trying my best to make another one happen soon. Even people who have snubbed me in the past, I have opened my arms to for my son’s sake.  I can only do so much and hope someone can make time for us soon.

In addition, I have reached out to our son’s program director at PIP about starting a support group for parents of “at risk of autism” toddlers. And, I have been on the phone multiple times with another agency about starting a support group.  I am still waiting for the Manager to call me back.  Should I hold my breath?  Well, Thursday I shall call again and see if I get anywhere.

I do not mind being our advocate, but I would like a little response in return.  Hopefully, this week will be the week!

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