January 31, 2012 – Spinning Wheels

I thought some of you may wonder why this blog is called “Spinning Wheels”.

Spinning wheels is the one activity our son has been lovingly doing since a wee lad!  And, this is one of the “red flags” that may seem adorable at 11 months, but will be seen as bizarre the older he gets.

His wheel obsession does not apply only to his toys.  Toy cars, no problem. Turning ride-on toys and walkers over to play with the wheels, maybe a little problem due to his frustration if he cannot quickly get the toy turned over….The larger problem concerns strollers.  Every outing to the park, he beelines for stroller wheels and has to start spinning them.  He will do this if the stroller is occupied or not.  He does not seem to notice if any people exist if there are wheels to be spun! As I said earlier, other parents thought it was fine when he was a year old, but they are starting to not find it so adorable (and neither do we, especially if he melts down if he is not allowed to touch them or is moved away from them).

Unfortunately, this obsession does not just stop with stroller wheels.  Wheelchairs, bikes, skates, and strollers are all equally loved.  However, the strollers seem the most accessible to him at the moment!

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