March 30, 2012 – Happy Post

I have been looking over my blog and realize how depressing I must sound.  Really, life may be difficult at times, but it is mainly very happy.  Our son has one of the biggest personalities.  He is a show-off around adults – prancing and singing and dancing.

He loves music.  He loves books.  He loves running around the house from activity to activity.  He loves Yo! Gabba Gabba – mainly for the music.  He loves spinning.  He loves the park.  He loves life!  He makes me love life so much more than I could ever imagine.

He is so amazing.  I would not trade my lil one for any other.  I love how excited he gets over DEVO’s “Girl You Want”.  His whole face lights up and he starts his dance routine.

Everyone in his programs falls in love with him – he is just so into everything!  Although he may not stay focused on anything too long, he loves exploring and trying to find out how things tick.

Talking about ticking, he also LOVES clocks.  We realized this one day when we put a clock in his playroom.  He was obsessed with looking at it and clicking his tongue.  When we had to remove it to change batteries, he had a meltdown.  When we pass a clock store, he stares.  In other stores or places, he always stops before the clock.

What an amazing mind, an amazing outlook, and an amazing boy.

We are lucky parents!

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