March 29, 2012 – Wake-up screams

The lil man has reverted to horrible wake-ups (both in the morning and at nap time).  He screams uncontrollably and cannot be soothed.  Today, during nap time, he had a 10-15 minute screaming and headbanging session before falling back asleep.  I know he is exhausted and probably needs more sleep, but wish there was an easier way for him to fall back asleep without inflicting harm on himself.

“Occupational therapy will help” is what I keep getting told.  Is it the magic ticket?  If so, he has his evaluation on April 1oth but will not start therapy til May.  I don’t know how many more months of this I can handle.

Yesterday, during a tantrum, his hit his head on the hardwood floor and had a huge red spot on his forehead.  If I try to touch him, he usually gets more violent and flops all over the place, screaming as if I burnt his skin with my touches.

It is scary to see your child react like that.  He regulates himself by hurting himself.  And it hurts me so much seeing his actions and the pain in his face.

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