Weekend and the beginning of another week

Friday, a little bit after I posted my blog for the day, my husband got a phone call about his colonoscopy results.  The polyp they removed was pre-cancerous, but advanced.  The doctor seemed as shocked as we were and Rob now has to get a colonoscopy again in one year’s time.  I am happy he had an early screening due to some gastro issues.  I, too, have my second colonoscopy next year (due to having several pre-cancerous polyps) but I had three years between them.

Despite the news, we tried to make the most of the weekend:  Roger had ABA Saturday morning, followed by a play date at friend’s house, and a sitter so we could have a date night.  Sunday, we had breakfast out, followed by Six Flags.  We were all exhausted after that!  However, Roger got in my bed around midnight and I could not sleep after that. I think we both woke up for the day around 4 and got out of bed at 5.

My job flexibility enabled me to get 3 hours of work complete before my 8:50 doctor’s appointment.  I had a blood test today to see my genetic probability of cancer (specifically colon due to family history) and breast cancer (because that is automatically checked).  I go back on December 12th for my results.  Even with the lack of sleep, my day has been pretty good so far with a lot of work done and Roger’s OT and play date looming ahead of me.  I am sure I will be ready for bed come 6:30!

One thought on “Weekend and the beginning of another week

  1. Wow, Shocking to hear about Rob’s colonoscopy, but at least they found it, removed it and he’s good for a year, BUT, if he has any problems he should see his doctor sooner rather than later! Otherwise, things are sounding a bit better around your house! Stay strong! Everyone needs you! LOVE YOU, Nance


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