July 9, 2013 – Here we go again

I start, again, another post apologizing for such a delay in my blogging.  Life gets in the way of blogging about life at times!  I feel a bit like I can exhale, at least until Roger starts preschool.

So much, yet so little, seems to have occurred in the past two months.  I had my surgery two months ago (to the day), although it seems a lifetime ago.  Recovery was very quick, despite the two weeks following in which I thought I’d never feel normal again.  But in two months time, I am back at the gym, back at my normal working hours, back on top of Roger’s therapies, appointments, and follow-up phone calls, back on top of paperwork for Rowell, and back to building up my social network and, hopefully, cementing a third career (after Mother and Knowledge Management Assistant at JL) as an Autism Advocate.

I am currently my son’s autism advocate, but I would like to branch out further. I have several ideas for expanding services of the Butte County ASD Support Group of which I am the parent facilitator.  I have several community proposals for sensory friendly activities in the Chico area that I need to follow up on later this week.  And, as a silly gesture, I have ordered business cards.  I am hoping to meet new connections at the Family Fun Fest in Corning on August 9th where I am manning a table representing the support group and, possibly, through LinkedIN and the group’s Facebook page, as well as flyering more aggressively.

I am excited for what shall be a great 40th year for myself, 3rd year for Roger, 6th year of marriage and 12th year of commitment to Rob!

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