March 12, 2012 – Mini-vacation

We went away for an extended weekend to Santa Cruz.  How amazingly beautiful!  If only we were rich, or they had a job opportunity for my husband, or we hit the lottery, or a long-lost relative left us a house in their will….we would move to Santa Cruz in a split second.

The destination was pretty mellow, breathtaking and enjoyable.  The only major downfall to the weekend was our son’s sleep schedule.  It was completely chaotic and short!  He fell asleep Friday at 12:30 after much yelling and tears and hair pulling (the last two mainly done by my husband and I).  Saturday (or shall I say Sunday), he fell asleep at 1:30 after a much more mellow night of Yo Gabba Gabba.  He awoke both morning afters at 7:30 (including the “spring ahead”).

He was a very good boy the whole vacation – despite his hatred of being cooped up in hotel room.  My boy needs more room to roam!  Now, imagine how claustrophobic he must have felt on the plane ride to NY.

Our first night home was a success with a good nap on his first day home.  Hopefully, this will remain the case!

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