March 16, 2012 – Journal

It seems like everyday is a bipolar day.  The daytime is always happy, fun, playful…the up in the bipolar…Every evening starts the downward slope.  The switch usually occurs after naptime. Maybe it is just having so much of the day already done and still being tired, but it seems the lil man is more fussy and whiny and I seem to get more depressed.

Currently, it is naptime, so I am still feeling accomplished and in control (of what I can be in control of).  I should savor this time before the downward turn begins!

Luckily, a fantastic friend and co-worker of mine sent me a daily journal to help keep notes on the lil man’s scheduled activities, appointments, and daily observations.  This will help a lot for myself, my husband, his “team”, and his autism evaluation.  I was going to wait to begin using it until all his therapies were underway, but I have had a change of heart and decided Monday will be Day 1.

As I state that, I just realized that Monday is my meeting with RFEC and I will not be at his entire intervention session.  However, this will be the first time I have left the house during his session.  His reaction will be important to note in the journal–as will the bipolar aspect to our days!

Thank you, my dear friend!

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