March 17, 2012 – Another weekend

Another weekend, meaning another break in routine, meaning another hour long session of trying to get the lil man to take a nap!  However, if that is the only hurdle to the day, then I have already cleared that.

We went to the gym, target, and home.  My husband is currently turning in our old leased car for a new one.  The ball is in his court as to what car to get next.  (And, let me tell you, he is nervous!).  Am I that hard to please or scary – if I am not pleased?  I like to think of myself as pretty low-maintenance.  I have a feeling  my husband may disagree.  I usually lounge around the house in jeans and t-shirts and no make-up = low maintenance.  Who disagrees?

Well, I am signing off to enjoy the rest of my low-key weekend!

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