March 27, 2012 – Sick again?

Our lil man is under the weather yet again.  Poor guy.  He slept terribly last night and had some bouts of crying.  He woke this morning crying and was cranky all morning and through his session.  I wish he could tell me more.  Well, he can tell me “more”.  He signs “more” all the time, especially since he does not have many more words in his vocabulary.  I am hoping his afternoon nap may improve him a bit, since he does not rest up when he is under the weather.  He is still totally on the go.

I decided to exercise and work during his nap time.  I have had a tendency to lay down at some point during his nap and then I get even more tired than I was before the nap!  I am hoping staying awake and getting things done may make me feel better.

I wish I had more to add to the blog today, but I am at a loss for words.

Stay healthy!

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