A little bit more

Everyday I try to do a little bit more.  This weekend’s little bit ended up putting me twenty steps backward yesterday.  I felt horrible head to toe.  I did virtually nothing all day.  Luckily, Roger had a play date and ABA therapy that gave me rest time.  Then, we took Roger to my parent’s house and we shopped and ate dinner.  The shopping was a little too much for me, so I waited in the car for Rob.

Today I woke up feeling 19 steps ahead of yesterday.  I was dreading reading to Roger’s class due to how I felt yesterday.  However, it was a pretty painless venture despite half the class gabbing/interrupting and Roger unable to sit still since I was there.  Immediately following, I had a podiatrist appointment.  I have been in pain for quite some time in my left inner foot.  I had a similar problem a year or so ago on my right foot, but not this extreme.  I decided to go to a private practice rather than one of those big ortho offices, like I did last time.  He saw the orthotics I had gotten prior and said they were garbage and should not have cost me more than $10.  I believe that with the prescription the arches were around $50.  He had my foot molded for full length orthotics that will last 10 years, as opposed to having to buy them yearly.  He also said I needed to wear shoes at all time.  In the house, instead of slippers, I have to wear birkenstocks.  Once my arm is cleared, he gave me some stretches for me to do daily to help stretch the area.  Again, I am quite pleased with my decision.

Although it seems to be a year with some health issues, I am very content with my decision making and know that in the long run I will be healthier and happier!

One thought on “A little bit more

  1. I love the idea of whole foot orthotics. I have been wearing the same ones since 1993 for flat feet and heel spurs. As long as I wear them, I have no problem with the heal spurs. But, don’t wear them for a week and they come back!


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