October 18, 2012 – Socialization

The “Life is Good” mantra is alive and well in the Israel household.

We did have a play date today that was less than stellar.  Roger was very upset about a child coming into his house.  He was excited when he saw the mother get out of the truck, but started crying when he saw her getting the toddler out.  That mood continued off and on throughout the play date.  He kept isolating himself — going into the office or the bedroom and closing the door.

I am hoping if we have a play date at our friend’s house, perhaps, he will be in better spirits.  I also hope that his temperament does not scare off the mother or toddler and that we can continue having play dates.

Tomorrow, we will be having his intervention at the park.  His interventionist wants to help him socialize with children outside of his PIP playgroup.  After today’s play date, I think we will need to incorporate this type of session more often!

I was always anti-social until I moved out of state.  I guess my son is following in my footsteps!  Well, let me clarify that:  I was anti-social with everyone, while Roger is a social butterfly with adults but retreats when other children are involved.

It has been a good week with some minor instances — a bad cut to my finger, almost jamming Rob’s finger in the car window.  It is so easy to overlook these issues when everything else is going smoothly!

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