October 16, 2012 – Eating, or the lack thereof

The past week and a half have been blissful.  Roger is doing really well in all of his therapies.  He is in great spirits.  This is in sharp contrast to the weeks prior when each intervention was a crying/screaming session.  Each outing had terrible, unpredictable behaviors.  It is so funny that when you are in a good place and someone commends your “special needs” parenting, you think of it as no big deal.  However, weeks ago I would have agreed with them how difficult it is.  Not to say we don’t have our bumps even while everything is going well.

Roger is giving up food.  Since roughly around 15 months, he has become pickier and pickier.  It has gotten to the point where he has weaned himself off of anything really considered food and his diet consists of very few “snack” options and homemade smoothies.  I cannot stress enough how much he does not eat.   The end came when he stopped eating pizza, chick’n nuggets, mac-n-cheese, and blueberry muffins.  I am dreading the moment when he decides he no longer wishes to drink smoothies!

Thankfully, I was told of a single food therapist in Chico (or actually a speech therapist who specializes in food needs, I believe).  I called Far Northern and am getting a referral placed for these services.  Hopefully, it will not be too long of a wait for the evaluation and services to start!

In the meantime, smoothies will continue to be Roger’s only form of nutrition — berries, apple, yogurt, protein powder and spinach.

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