Physical therapy….for me

Today, I had my assessment at the physical therapist re: my chronic back issues.  The appointment was long and thorough.  I left with seven exercises/stretches to help my back.  The majority of these stretches are yoga-related or stretches I used to back in Chico post-exercise.  Oddly enough, I never had back issues in Chico once I began a steady exercise routine.  Hmmm…

When I started out trying to set the exercise habit, I took yoga classes to insure I would exercise for a full-hour.  If left to myself, I could quit halfway through but, due to my social anxiety, there is no way I would leave a class early. Once I became pretty strong in yoga, I started trying to incorporate more cardio exercise.  I took zumba  a few times until I started getting dizzy during some of the movements.  Then, I had a personal trainer for a few sessions that showed me a routine that I kept up  (expanding difficulty and duration) until I had my hysterectomy.

So, reflecting back, I believe I shall start my babysteps back….After my back is sufficiently healed by PT, I will start adding additional yoga to my routine.  I cannot wait to feel strong again!

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