Get Moving!

I waivered back and forth on whether to cancel Weight Watchers and discontinue the program.  I also started tracking calories on my Fitbit to see how many calories I am actually consuming.  In addition, I exercised Tuesday and Wednesday.  Yesterday afternoon I decided to stop by WW for a weigh-in only after today’s allergy shots (yes, I get 3 allergy shots each week).

Well, I did lose a pound since last week’s weigh-in and .8 lbs overall (in my 2 weeks at WW).  I was relieved that my weight did not go up and disappointed that my number was not lower.  However, I am feeling better emotionally.  I felt better emotionally after I exercised.  I have decided that, more than the calorie/point counting, exercise is really important for me.  Not just for aiding weight-loss, but for altering my mood.  Today, I also did my exercise (starting slow:  30 minutes and hoping to add more as time goes on).

I am not going to beat myself up on days I cannot exercise (due to schedule/health/appointments, etc) but I shall praise myself for the days I do motivate myself to exercise…YAY ME!

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