My initial post was going to be about weight gain on my new medication.  How I gained 4 pounds in the past month.  My increased appetite with the increase in dosage.  And how that shouldn’t matter because I am feeling in better mental/emotional health.

A phone call this morning made the weight issue seem not so important.  One of my cousins passed away last night in an accident.  I do not need to go into details related to the accident.  Unfortunately, her mother has lost her husband and, now, both of her children.  One of my first thoughts confirmed one of my beliefs that there is no god.  Some people do heinous things and live a full lifetime.  Some people destroy their bodies with drugs/alcohol/other substances and live long lives.  Others pass away too soon having done nothing but live.

I’m not going to start preaching appreciate the life you have and those in it…although I did tell my husband to do so before he left for the movies with my son.  I guess the point of this post (if there must be a point) is we focus on things so non-important such as weight while we need to change our focus to trying to be happy in our life.  If that requires therapy, like it does for me, do it.  Don’t feel stigmatized.  I have felt happier (or more even keel) in the past 3 days while still getting into some tiffs with my husband than I have in the past 3 years.  It takes awareness and work, but it is worth it.  Do it while you can!

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