Just a normal Thursday

Last night I slept 4.5 hours. I thought I was going to get a good night’s sleep and 1 am arrives. I have to pee. Can I hold it the rest of the night? Let me debate this with myself. Conclusion: I get up to pee. A bit later feel the urgency again. No discussion, just get up. Trying to fall back asleep. I’m so sweaty. The heat is set at 66 and it’s 37 degrees out but it’s on and I’m hot. I get up again to lower the air one degree. As I’m laying in bed, I realize I feel a gentle breeze. Did I put the air on? Time passes. That is definitely the air. I get back up and turn off the air and lower the heat one degree. It takes me til after 3 to fall back asleep. I am dead asleep when my alarm goes off at 5:50 to start an incredibly busy workday at 6:30 and virtual learning coaching after 8 am. Both jobs are done. Can I now call it a day?

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