April 21, 2014 – Indulgent Weekend

This weekend was one of the best, family-filled weekends we have had in a long time. Friday was a holiday for a lot of people, so Roger got to play at the neighbor’s house before I had to work.  Rob got home early from work and was able to bring Roger to another neighbor’s house after making some yummy chocolate chip cookies.  Not having vinegar and only using water led to a bit of an easter egg coloring fail.

Saturday was busy and fun.  After a restless night of sleep, we had a lazy morning before heading out to the All Kids Count Fair.  It was absolutely amazing.  Next year, when Roger is a little older, he will appreciate some of the tables for craft-making, face painting, etc.  However, in the meantime, he loved the music and dance floor.  It was difficult getting him to explore outdoors.  A tractor ride is what got him excited to leave the indoors.  Unfortunately, Roger had no interest in seeing the petting zoo or the horses or taking a pony ride.  Eventually, he enjoyed the bounce house obstacle course and the playground.  He also was able to meet the Superheroes!

After the fair, we headed to a first birthday party in Plano.  It took Roger a long time to warm up.  He was overwhelmed and wanted to play with one particular truck for the first half hour or so (another little boy wanted the same toy, so there was a bit of stress).  When it was time for the birthday boy’s cake, Roger was so excited and had to be right next to the birthday boy.  He laughed uncontrollably at the smash cake.  After the cake, the party thinned out and that is when Roger got more comfortable playing with other kids.  Lucky Roger also got to have dinner at McDonald’s and met other “friends” to play with that evening.

Sunday was a very lazy morning again.  The easter bunny visited!  After Roger found all the eggs, he got a nice basketful of toys!  My husband made a delicious breakfast and we enjoyed it on our patio sipping mimosas.  After breakfast, we all did yard work.  Roger loved helping through away weeds!  The day proceeded with his social skills playgroup and another trek to McDonald’s in the pouring rain.

Last night we all slept soundly and did not want to wake up for school/work this morning:  signs of a perfect weekend!

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