April 22, 2014 – An update and such

Since I blogged last week about therapy fails, I wanted to update you on how this week’s therapies have been thus far.  I did call Baylor on Friday to change therapists, but OT (at all their facilities) have waiting lists for afternoon sessions.  I was quite nervous to see how Roger would react to going to Occupational Therapy on Monday.  He noted that Jonathan would not be there but that he would be seeing Janythe (his speech therapist).  I told him that speech was later in the week and that he would only be going to OT.  He did not seem upset.  Upon arrival, there was a marked difference in his therapist’s demeanor.  She was much more doting/smiling/personable.  She gave more positive reinforcement.  I am hoping tomorrow’s session will mimic yesterday’s!

Play therapy was pretty identical to last week’s session.  Roger is stuck in his preschooler ways and Miss Janecek is no longer a stranger he needs to impress.  Next week is our final session with Miss Janecek.  However, Dr. Harrier did email me about trying to coordinate a structured play with one or two other children to teach Roger to play with other kids.  He only wants to play with other kids if he is in control.  Also, he has a tendency to turn his back on others while playing — to shut them out.  I am hoping we can arrange a multi-child play therapy  for the summer.

Another item I am trying to arrange for the summer (in addition to the possibility of feeding therapy) is private swim lessons for Roger.  He gets too easily distracted to attend a class with other children.  I think private lessons would be a much better arrangement for him and allow him to focus better.  Additionally, I wrote a classified ad to for our HOA’s newsletter to gauge if there is interest in an ASD parent/family support group.  I am hoping to have some feedback from the ad!  Another possible title on my radar is Directory Editor for SEPTSA (PTA for special needs children for Lewisville Independent School District).  And, I have been in touch with the PTA for Roger’s new PPCD school, which will also be his elementary school.  I am excited to be more involved in his school next year and in the school district!

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