April 24, 2012 – Under tremendous stress (from myself)

I am once again beyond exhausted.  I MUST nap when the lil man naps today.  And, hopefully, my self-defeating thoughts will not keep me awake.

I keep wondering how I can pull off working 20 hours a week when I only have a sitter about 8 hours a week?…how/when can I read all the chapters for the “More than Words” class under the same restraints?…. how can I prepare for the first support group meeting under the same time restraints?…especially when all I want to do right now is sleep!?

I really wish I didn’t extend myself so far.  I want to be “supermom” but am now thinking of giving up some of these tasks.  But, then I keep thinking “only 6 more classes”.  I do not have to be perfect, just do what I can.  However, I am used to being as perfect as I can at any task I undertake.  I am not comfortable otherwise.

I have not had time to keep up a simple blog.  I have not had time to watch stupid tv shows.  I have not had time to relax and take care of myself.

Can someone please add more hours to the day?  More days in a week?  Something?

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