April 21, 2012 – A bump in the road

It’s been so long since I blogged, that I did not remember what my last post was about.  However, when I saw it, I laughed. Obviously, someone/something out there was warning me not to add anything else to my plate.  Not listening, they decided to strike me ill!

I am still fighting the ickiness (mild pneumonia) but feel infinitely better than I have since last Sunday.  I knew I was sicker than usual because I am still able to obsess over things that need to be done, do dishes and laundry, keep the house okay looking while still feeling terrible.  This time, I could care less how anything looked.  Well, I did care, but I could not get myself up to do a single task.  And, my obsessive thoughts, especially about our son’s ADOS, were nowhere to be found.  In that sense, it was a nice vacation from thinking.  I did not even obsess about work (or not being able to work).  I think the only thing I obsessed about was sleep and rest!

I do feel bad about not being a healthy mother for my son last week.  He watched way too much tv and was unable to enjoy the wonderful weather outside.  However, by taking it really easy last week, I am hoping this upcoming week I can do more with him.

The first sign I am starting to recover – thoughts are keeping me awake from a potential nap.  I told myself I would blog while my hubby and son were at the gym.

But now I really do feel sleepy and am hoping to close my eyes for a few minutes before the boys come home…

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