April 25, 2012 – Conjuring

Well, the inevitable happened.  There was a cancellation for an ADOS and we would be lucky enough to get the spot.  It would be next week…..BUT, my husband is having surgery that day.  Is this some cruel joke? We are completely open ANY DAY OF THE YEAR, except May 3rd!

Our friends once joked that we conjure up these circumstances.  We once went to a Zizek talk at the NYPL.  We had fantastic seats, until the lady with the largest hairdo sat in front of us.  This blocked my entire view during the entire discussion (and I believe my husband’s view as well).  Did we conjure this up?  We always had the worst experiences in the city going to movies.  It was inevitable the tallest person in the world would sit in front of me — even if there were only a few people in the theater.  Being 5’2″, this has always a concern of mine.  But the lady at Zizek was out of this world.  It was like a beehive on her head…or actually, more tree like, since it branched out on the sides as well, blocking a 3 foot radius!

So, did we conjure up a cancellation for an ADOS on the one day that we could not attend?  Perhaps…or maybe it’s just bad luck…or a silly coincidence… Whatever it is, it plain sucks!  My patience is tested once again…

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