April 5, 2013 – So busy

Appointments on top of our regular therapies punctuate this month and next.  Yesterday, I had an ob/gyn appointment.  Next Thursday, Roger has his first evaluation for Loma Vista preschool (the first of three or four that must be completed in April and May).  Friday, we drive to Sacramento to have a 24 Hour Ambulatory EEG placed on Roger and will drive back Saturday to have it removed.  The following Thursday, we drive back to Sacramento to find out the results of the EEG.  For now, there is a tiny break until my pre-op appointment on Monday, April 29th.  Then, my surgery is scheduled for May 9th, with two post-op appointments scheduled for May 28th and June 24th.  As I said, that does not include the 2-3 other evaluations at Loma Vista, Roger’s IEP, a possible endocrinologist appointment for Roger, and whatever else may “come up”.

I know May might have various appointments for Roger and I will be in recovery.  It will be a difficult two months, at least. My husband asked why I was having surgery so quickly.  I needed to schedule the first open appointment for my own peace of mind.  I am already obsessing over the surgery and do not need additional months to not fully be here when my mind is elsewhere.

I am trying to get as many tickles and rough-housing done with Roger this next month because I will not be able to pick him up for 4 weeks.  We are working on a social story so he may understand what is happening to mommy.  Let’s hope that helps a bit!

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