April 3, 2013 – Not so sad days

I was concerned that Monday’s bedtime crying “Don’t be sad” session would leak into Tuesday.  However, Roger woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 2 in the morning.  He was in great spirits, had a great intervention session, went to the gym with me, went to Caper Acres (playground) with me for an hour, went to Target with me, and immediately crashed when I put him in the car to go home — 12 hours after he woke up.  After I got some lunch in my belly, I laid down too and we both had a very nice, very long nap.  He woke up so sweetly and put his head on my chest and we stayed in bed another hour just looking at each other!

Today, there have been moments of meltdowns — specifically during speech therapy and on the way home from the gym.  However, the spunky boy has been the prevalent one the past two days.  He did not nap, so I can hear him saying he’s sad to Ashley.  Unfortunately, it is too late to nap.  We will have to curb his “tired sad” for the next couple of hours til it is an early bedtime.

Let’s hope this trend continues!

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