December 29, 2014 – Routine

Today has been a much better day than the past few weeks.  I attribute it to having some semblance of routine/normalcy.  My husband had to work today, Roger had occupational therapy, we went to a few stores, and I also had to work this afternoon.  He was so excited to see his sitter — I am guessing he needed as much of a break from us as we needed from him!  Also, she is 20+ y younger than me, so she is full of energy.  He was able to ride his truck on the greenbelt, she walked him to the playground, and she probably had to push him on the swing for at least a half an hour.  Each of those tasks singularly wears me out (just thinking about it wears me out)!

I had initially planned on writing a blog about Roger’s massive mood and behavior regressions during break.  However, having such a good day overall, I think it best not to mention it for the time being.  I do not want to jinx myself!

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