December 31, 2014 – Almost the new year

It’s crazy that we have had such an extraordinary year.  We moved to Texas in October of 2013 and used 2014 to acclimate to our new surroundings.  I must admit I cried when I knew we were going to move to Texas — a state I NEVER wished to live in.

I was born in Southern California, lived in upstate NY, spent my “formative” years in South Florida, lived with roommates for a bit in Athens, GA, moved cross-country to Denver, CO (where I spent 3 years living on my own and by myself and never thought I could live any other way), moved back to FL for a bit, then Southern New Jersey and Northern New Jersey, and, finally, with my husband-to-be in Queens, NY.  We had our fair share of moving:  from Flushing to two different apartments in Astoria.  When the economy went south, we moved to Northern California for 4.5 years.  Then, for my husband’s current job, we moved to a rented house in Flower Mound, TX.

In 2014 we decided  to take the plunge and buy our first house (in of all places TEXAS!!!).  This move has been an incredible move for us.  I *gulp* love living in Texas.  The year has gotten so much better with my parents moving nearby (a 5 minute drive), visits from Roger’s Nana and Papa for Roger’s birthday and our Aunt Janet for  Thanksgiving, our acquisition of health insurance for Roger that covers ABA therapy, and Roger’s acceptance (after being on the waiting list) for the Easter Seals’ Texas Star Academy.

The past few days I have been unusually happy and even-keel.  I am smiling all day long.  I don’t know if I’ve ingested something curious or if my state of mind has shifted.  Whatever the reasoning, I will gladly take it and wish you all the happiness I currently feel.

Here’s hoping you had a fantastic 2014 and will have an even more superb 2015!

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