December 3, 2012 – December

Yes, the year is almost over.

December just started and it feels like it is already whizzing by.  I look at my dry erase calendar for December and feel completely overwhelmed!  Besides our “normal” schedule, we have a couple of shifts — this week,  Roger’s speech therapy permanently moves to 7:45-8:30 in the morning Wednesdays and Fridays.  That may seem early to you guys.  However, Roger would be wide awake for a couple of hours by that time.  Plus, he seems more focused in the morning.  So, I am hopeful that this will be better for us all. We are still waiting to hear when his food therapy will begin and how it will fit into our packed schedule (it has been approved to start anytime in December).

In addition, being a holiday month and all, we have some extracurricular activities:  Rob’s work’s holiday party, visiting Santa, shopping, the Bizarre Bazaar, and spending our first night away from Roger to see El Vez in San Francisco.  I am anticipating a panic attack that night!

I am also planning to “fit in” a new cleaning schedule, so that I can get this place into shape!  This month also includes an IEP training and our Support Group, in addition to Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve (and a modified schedule for Roger’s sessions due to the holidays).  Add to this my father’s illness and my mother’s sciatica and I may exhaustingly make it to 2013!  I know I’ll blink and it will all be a blur!

Here’s hoping we all get to truly enjoy the Holiday Season!

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