November 27, 2012 – Glum

What an odd word — glum.  When one writes out a word, it sometimes seem stranger than one had previously thought.  I actually googled glum because once typed out I was unsure if it was actually spelled correctly.  Then I saw the definitions pop-up:  moody, melancholy, and gloomy.  What a perfect word to describe my mood nearly fifty percent of the time (or maybe the entire time, since moody would infer that my mood would sometimes be gleeful).

I keep going over how I plan to make all these big changes in 2013 — healthwise,  which could affect my behavior and my glumness.  I have diagnosed myself with PMDD (yes, after watching an episode of Law and Order:  SVU).  If that is the case, they do recommend less caffeine and more exercise — 2012 has been a practice of the opposite.  I have been trying to eat healthier this week.  However, I am an emotional eater.

Yesterday, we received news that my father’s cancer has returned.  Naturally, my glumness came back in full affect with an emotional outburst of eating crap!  I am very thankful I will be able to be with my father through his treatment.  Previously, I was pregnant and he was in Florida.

2013 will be a healthier year for us all.  The end of this year and the beginning of next may have it’s trials, but we will come out stronger and more knowledgeable and, hopefully, with less glum!

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