February 29, 2012 – Progress and Witchery

Our son has made incredible strides in therapy:  signing “more”, “all done”, “open”, and “go”.  He has even acquired some new words, phrases, and sounds:  “bye”, “hi”,”oh man”, “achoo”, “go”, panting, fish noises, sirens.  Yesterday, he pointed to his nose when his behaviorist asked him where his nose was.  However, I am starting to have notions that she is putting a spell on our son.

I have tried again and again to have the lil man point to his nose, but it is of no use.  It’s as if I am asking him a complex mathematical equation.  I show him pictures of dogs and fish and make noises, the same noises the behaviorist does, and, again, it’s as if I am asking the impossible.

His behaviorist has asked me, “does he do this…?”  “does he do that…?”.  Constantly, our son makes  a liar of me.  He will do this for her, but not for my husband or me.

Hmmmm.  I guess he knows we’ll love him no matter what, so why should he show off!

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