March 1, 2012 – A little time to myself

Our sitter could not work today, so I went to the gym and had our son in the gym daycare from 8:40-9:55ish.  So, it was not much time to myself, but enough to make a difference.  I worked out a little bit and spent time putting on make-up and grooming myself.  It has been so long since I have had so much time and had nothing I had to do.  I got to listen to music and relax.

I have to figure out how I can do this more often, how to fit this in our schedule.  I will not fret about it too much today – don’t wanna get all stressed out again!

Afterwards, we went to a couple of stores and I bumped into someone we met from the Autism Lifespan Meet and Greet.  Him and his wife would like to hang out with my husband and I – go bowling, see a movie, etc.  It is nice to have someone in this town actually show an interest.  Granted, you would never think us two couples would be friends (from appearance alone).  However, it is nice to move beyond the outer appearance of things.  They have a 14 year old son with autism.   At the meet and greet, we told them about our son and his “red flags” and his quirks.  They had said it sounded an awful lot like their son.  They suggested we have our son’s hearing tested, as their son did at around 18 mos. and had an issue.  So, thanks to them, our son’s hearing test is scheduled for next Wednesday.

Time to myself, a little conversation, good music, and a happy boy = a good day so far!

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