February 6, 2012 – Weekend over…

This weekend went by so quickly.   I was not feeling the best, so I had my husband take our son to the gym daycare with him both Saturday and Sunday while he worked out.  Although resting is what I should have done, I did laundry and rearranged items both days.  However, there was a nice freedom to doing all these things by myself.

I am trying to think of some highlights of the weekend.  Most people would say the Superbowl, but our house is a sports-free zone!

The biggest highlight was that yesterday was the lil man’s 18 month birthday.  And it was a fabulous day!  We gave him a new toy:  a gear-turning toy, since he loves spinning wheels so much!  We also took him to the park, which was a lot of fun.  There was a time period when the park was iffy.  He was obsessed with the swing and would melt down if he could not start his park day at the swing.  Yesterday, the swing was occupied, but he was fine with playing in other areas of the park until the swings opened up!  He had a lot of fun running around and getting dirty.

We had some errands to run:  get a bed-rail for our bed because he was getting  a bit too close to the foot of the bed, Trader Joe’s, Safeway, etc.  I decided he should have a cupcake or some such treat to celebrate his 18 month birthday.  At Safeway, we saw a mini-Toy Story cake (Woodie – which our son is completely unfamiliar with).  However, at home, he wanted the cake so badly!  We tried to have him blow out a candle, which I ended up doing.  He was getting too excited and was trying to touch the candle instead. We gave him a small piece of cake, which he gobbled up in minutes!

But the real highlight of the weekend was playing with MegaBlocks.  Our lil man actually put a piece on the sculpture my husband was creating.  He removed it and placed it on again…and again…and again.  He has hated the blocks because they would easily frustrate him.  Block-building is our new pre-bath activity!

It seems he did hit a new milestone on his birthday!  What a weekend!

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