February 7, 2012 – One of the hardest things…

One of the hardest things to see is your child want to communicate so badly but even with so much effort only non-sensical sounds being made.  Sometimes our lil man strains so much to say something that his face starts turning red from effort, but he only releases a wail of a noise.  Other times he tries to tell us things in a string of sounds, but nothing reflects any actual words.  I encourage him by responding to his “sentences”, but we both get upset that the meaning is completely lost.

I feel so badly for him.  He is trying so hard.  We repeat words to him, but he is only likely to repeat silly noises.  I know we have to wait until 2 years old to start speech therapy.  That is a little less than 6 months away.  In the meantime, we will try simple signs and gestures.

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