July 12, 2013 – Sunshine peeking in

Blogs can be quite the effective form of communication.  After yesterday’s post regarding sensory friendly activities not being available in the Chico area, the Yellow Door contacted me and we have a date to discuss the creation of such events this upcoming week.

Another issue I had touched upon yesterday was the absence of an autism society in Northern California.  I had relayed to the Yellow Door that I feel there needs to be such an organization here.  I know after Roger entered early intervention, I searched the Chico area for any sort of organization to aide me through that tough time, especially since family and close friends were not in close proximity.  Today, a parent contacted me asking for the same sort of information.

Is there a website holding all the knowledge that those in Butte County could use to know all the services and support that is available to them?  Unfortunately, I have not found any such all-encompassing website.  Any lists of information seem dated and it is as though the ball has been dropped.  I will once again call the Autism Society of California next week when all have returned from the national conference.  In the meantime, I am going to do my own research on how to create such a website and promote it throughout the county and state.  I would also like to connect an anonymous blog to this blog or that site for parents to be able to give opinions on services, to discuss issues, or convey their own stories.  Chico’s autism advocacy and sources of information need to expand and to be refined with the growing numbers of children diagnosed with autism and their parents trying to wade through it all.

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