October 18, 2013 – A new life

After my last post, my life has undergone major changes:  My husband has changed jobs which has led us to moving from Northern California to Northern Texas.  I have taken on full-time hours at my paying job while still working the same hours at my “mother” gig.  We have a new system to deal with and learn about in regards to Roger’s services for autism.  We are still getting settled into our new surroundings, still have boxes to unpack, rooms to rearrange, furniture that needs to be purchased, schedules/routines that need to be worked out, and a lengthy list of what I want to accomplish in this new routine in this new setting.

My first goal for myself is to reach my full-time hours without having to work after putting Roger to sleep.  At that point, I would like to add exercise back into my daily routine.  As if that may be asking too much, I also would love to read and finish a full book.  In my spare time (um, yeah), I want to meet some new friends and socialize.  Finally, I would love to spread my advocacy wings here in TX.

Oh, and one last thing, I really do hope to keep this blog up-to-date!

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