June 8, 2012 – Another change

This week, Roger had 1 1/4 therapy sessions.  His last session was Tuesday morning.  I received notice on Wednesday that his interventionist will be changed.  His program manager set an appointment to discuss this with me Thursday morning.  Thursday morning the second bomb was dropped — my program manager will be changed as well.  There was no additional information:  when the new manager and interventionist would begin, what his schedule would be, perhaps there’d be a sub in the meantime…Roger was very upset when she left.  I think he expected her to play with him (as she sometimes does his therapy).  I feel terrible that he is having a gap in services.  I love to keep him scheduled.  We both need it dearly.

This morning we got the answers:  Roger will be on vacation from PIP therapy next week and his new interventionist will begin June 18th.  I will meet the new program manager next Wednesday with Carley.  Finally, his schedule will be inconsistent:  M/W/Th:  8:30 sessions and T/F 10:45 sessions.  The Tuesday/Friday sessions will be painful for him, since he awakes at 5:30.  This means juggling around the babysitter’s schedule too.  Tuesday and Fridays she will be working 7:45 am – 10:45 am.  I am sure she is thrilled by the early morning hours!

I hope it is all for the best…Time will tell.

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