June 13, 2012 – Hiatus

I have been in a “poor Roger” and “poor me” mood as of late.  Yes, things are difficult.  Yes, I want to run away some days.  Yes, I wish the circumstances were different.  However, I do not want to pity myself…or have you pity me…or have you say what a fantastic parent I am doing all this for my son.  Who would not do this for their child?  Am I a good mom because my son has autism?

I have not blogged the past few days and was not planning to blog today.  But, I wanted to state the above and not have anyone concerned about my absence from the “blogosphere”. I think I need to take a vacation from autism.  I know that is impossible, but I do not feel like dwelling on it at the present time.  I dwell enough in my head that I do not want to blog about it and burden you too!

Therefore, my hiatus shall continue til I change my mind (which could be next month or the next hour!)…

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