June 6, 2012 – Still pissed

I feel people disregard that fact that I work because I am a WAHM  (work-at-home-mom).  Also, I feel, as a mother, I also get disregarded.  Roger’s interventionist arrives late for therapy sessions, I receive texts asking if I can make last-minute rearrangements for the sitter’s schedule, my lack of sleep is not as important as someone who works outside of the home.  I do not get to sleep during Roger’s nap time, I have to work.

There are times that I “put my foot down”, but usually feel guilty about it afterwards.  Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to Roger’s program manager complaining about his interventionist’s constant tardiness.  Normally, I would feel badly about such an e-mail.  However, I just feel more enraged.  I have to admit I do not feel connected to his interventionist the way I was with his first interventionist.  I could take or leave her.  She is nice, but a tad flaky and very high energy which seems to rile up Roger.  His first interventionist was very calm and that seemed to rub off on Roger, at least during session time.

Currently, I am really wanting a break.  No, I don’t want to grab coffee outside of the house or go to a movie. I would love just to pull the sheets over my head and do nothing for an entire day.  How can I accomplish this goal of mine?  If I do, maybe I won’t be quite as pissed at the world!  In the meantime, watch out for me…

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