March 2, 2012 – Who needs sleep?!

Well, the lil man’s trend of waking VERY early in the morning every five days or so continues.  Last night, our son was tossing and turning from 2 a.m. – 4 a.m.  At that time, he started bouncing on the bed, clapping his hands, talking, playing, etc.  I decided to take him out of the room and let my husband get some sleep before his work day.

Clearly, my son functions fine without sleep.  Being that he’s been awake nearly 7 hours and is still “on the go” no longer shocks me.  He has been doing this on the weekend, which I had thought may have been triggered by his daddy being home all day and the change in routine.  Well, his father worked yesterday, but  his routine was changed up a bit.  Instead of the sitter coming in the morning, we went to the gym/gym daycare and did some shopping.  His afternoon remained the same with therapy.  But the evening was also changed up by having to pick daddy up from work and eating dinner out.

If routine is the key, we are surely screwed every weekend and holiday!

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