March 20, 2012 – Invincibility vs. Exhaustion

Well, yesterday I surely did feel invincible and ready to take on the world.  Supermom!  Work, Being a Mother, Facilitating a Support Group, Speech Classes, the lil man’s busy toddler schedule…I can do this!

Then, a sleepless night.  A bed routine that had our son playing in our bed/crib set up and then leading to crying hysterics til past 11 pm.  When he finally did fall asleep, the sleep was restless.  Tossing, turning, and lots of crying.  He’d want to be held. Then, he’d roll away for 10 seconds, just to roll back to be held.  He finally fell asleep soundly by 4 am and was awake by 7:15ish.  Which means, I was finally able to try and fall asleep by 4 am, but woke my husband for work at 6:30 am.  This leaves me feeling less invincible and more exhausted.

We were supposed to attend a support group tonight (as to get a feel on how to facilitate the group).  However, the lil man’s nose is running and running.  And, the daycare would be filled with down syndrome children whose immune systems are already more compromised.  Even if it’s a little cold for him, it could be much worse for them.

I feel, though, that is the beginning of a slacking Supermom.  Guilt v. Right and Wrong v. Exhaustion v. Responsibility v. the Non-Stop Brain = More exhaustion and guilt.  Amidst all this, at least that remains constant — exhaustion and guilt!

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