March 20, 2012 – Headbanging..and not the musical kind

It seems our son’s go to move is headbanging.  It started out as a soothing move in bed…it progressed to being done against pillows and the couch – soft surfaces.  Slowly, it has become more frequent and more worrisome as it is involving the table, a door, the floor, the wall, etc.  How can you ignore this behavior?  How can you modify it?  Hopefully, occupational therapy can help.

Now, his whole sleep routine has become an event.  He enters the bed. Kicks the bed (while lying on his belly) and headbangs at the same time.  He stands…bounces…kicks the sides of the cribs.  Falls face first into the pillow (because I quickly move out of the way)…He has some more moves in there….And it goes on and on…sometimes for 40 minutes, sometimes for well over an hour.  I am so scared of him hurting himself, firstly, and hurting me, secondly.  If I try to scold him or move his body, he just laughs at me.  He thinks it’s all a game.  I just don’t know what to do anymore.

Does the sleep just get worse from here?

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