March 23, 2012 – Word is out

Yes, it is official.  Since I became the leader/facilitator of a support group for ASD, I decided Facebook would be one avenue to advertise and reach out for other members.  That, of course, would also mean that everyone will start inquiring about my son.

The shocking thing is that only 3 people have asked any questions.  I welcome the questions more than just idle speculation.  I know how to create scenarios in my own mind based on someone’s post.  So, I am glad a few people have reached out and asked about my son and not come to their own conclusions.

It feels like I have let go of a secret that’s been just beneath the surface, but needing air.  It feels like relief and it’s almost getting routine to say:  my son is at-risk for autism and in an early intervention program; he will not be formally diagnosed or not diagnosed with autism at the age of 2.

Now the burden of the knowledge and reaction is on other people’s shoulders.  My husband and I have already accepted our son and his behaviors.

Life is hard, but life is good and I’ve got two amazing men beside me everyday!

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