March 22, 2012 – Community Outreach

Well, Spread the Word: I am the facilitator of a new support group in Butte County: ASD Parent Support Group for families of children at-risk or on the autism spectrum. The first support meeting will be at ARC of Butte County on Thursday, April 26th, and funded/supported through Rowell Family Empowerment Center.

Now, the real work begins:  Community Outreach.  Handing out flyers at the Autism Walk, getting parents signed up at the Autism Awareness Faire, e-mailing flyers to organizations….and lots of talking.  I am usually someone who hates being the center of attention.  I hate speaking in front of people.  Now, that is my role as facilitator/leader of this group. I spoke to one of the leaders of the Down Syndrome Support Group and she acknowledged how show she is and how her co-parent leader is even more so.  It is amazing how necessity yields such a loud, empowered voice!

My son has given me the courage and the voice to stand tall and seek out support when needed.  It is amazing the power he  has over me.  I can be quite the couch potato and he is pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Thank you, lil man!  You are making me into a better person each and every day.

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