March 6, 2012 – Changes

Another big change I found out about at 6:30 this morning…

Our son’s Extended Early Intervention is having a complete overhaul.  He will have a new interventionist, a new program director, and, perhaps, a new training time.  Sure, the afternoons have not consistently worked well because of naps/non-naps/long days, etc.  However, this means having to search for another sitter – another change.  And we have such a great sitter now!

Besides the lil man having to become comfortable with a new interventionist, I, too, have to adapt to this change.  I really liked his interventionist and director.  I am hoping to like his new “team” just the same.  They say they are creating more of a niche program for children our son’s age.  This should work in our favor in the long haul, but I do not like change this drastic!

Hopefully this will be for the best and remain constant for the next year and a half!

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