March 7, 2012 – Busy day with no break

Today turned out to be quite a busy day.

Our son had a hearing test in the neighboring town at 9:30 this morning, so we were out of the house by 8:50.  (And I was able to complete a load of laundry before leaving.)  The lil man did a great job, despite the fact that numerous types of ear plugs had to be inserted into his ears.  After the appointment, we had a rather impromptu play date.  It was a lot of fun for my son and I.  He doesn’t get much social interaction – neither do I!

I had thought the hearing test and play date would wipe him out.  He fell asleep almost immediately on the way home.  However, when I placed him in the crib/bed, he almost immediately woke up!  So, a 25 minute nap would have to suffice for the day.

Since he was up so early, we had time to spare before his session.  He has been irritated by his long bangs, so I finally decided to have his bangs trimmed.  ONLY HIS BANGS!  The lil man did better than I expected for his first “haircut”.  The whole cut took about 5 minutes, so that helped.  Afterwards, we ran a couple of errands at Petco and Rite Aid. When we got back, there were birds in our yard, so the lil man resisted going into the house.  We played outside for a bit before his session started.

Session is now complete and we are both totally wiped out.  Mind you, my son’s “wiped out” still entails running all around the house – however, there tends to be more trips and falls.

Now, all that is ahead of the day:  another load of laundry, picking the hubby up from work, eating, and bath time.  Couldn’t we just call it a night now?

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