May 18, 2012 – TGIF

So thankful that tomorrow is the weekend!  It has felt like such a long week with mine and Roger’s terrible allergies, lack of sleep and endless teething of two-year molars!  I was at my rope’s end yesterday when Roger took a 20  minute nap and decided that was that.  I was hoping to nap with him, but he would not let me.  Instead, we went for a walk, watched some tv, and, eventually, went to his occupational therapy session.

His session went well.  The other boy who shares his session time with another OT and has a hard time transitioning spent the entire 45 minutes, yelling, crying, and kicking.  While Roger’s Occupational Therapist and I were at points distracted by his ear-piercing yells, Roger was only distracted by the toys being used to try to engage the other boy.  My lil man went far enough to crawl over to try and play with all the toys (numerous times) without looking, acknowledging, or seemingly hearing the other boy.  His therapist said, “That is really interesting to watch” and we discussed how poor Roger did on the social section of his ADOS and, obviously, how reflective this was of his diagnosis.

Fortunately, this is the last joint-session.  Roger did well at his session, but I think he will do much better when it is just him alone.  Unfortunately, his session is being switched to Wednesday afternoons.  That means his Wednesday schedule will look like this:

8:30 am – 10:30 am Early Intervention Session
11:00 am – 12:00 pm  Autism Playgroup
Nap (hopefully)
3:00 pm – 3:45 pm Occupational Therapy

That’s quite a busy day for a 21 month old (and his mother)!

Tomorrow, Rob and I have a much-needed date night.  TGIF!

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