May 16, 2012 – Feeling good

It is amazing what a little Sudafed and a little relaxation (via Nurse Jackie) can do to a body, mind, and emotional state.  I feel great this afternoon.  And, let me put it this way, having terrible allergies since a child (and non-seasonal/full-year allergies, at that) makes you appreciate when you actually do feel pretty good!

Today was a rather laid back day, overall.  We took my husband to work in the morning, bought a few things at Target, danced around the living room to the 3rd volume of Yo Gabba Gabba (yes, we have all three!).  Then, we had playgroup.  As per usual, Roger had a fantastic time in playgroup, without actually interacting with the other two kids.  His favorite part of playgroup was the parachute toy.  He loved to spin underneath it and to lay and kick on top of it.  He was all smiles!

Fortunately, he fell asleep on the way home from playgroup — the past month Roger has only taken naps that have begun either in the car or in the stroller.  It is easier than putting up a fight and ending in an awful headbanging session.  After his nap, I made him a grilled cheese and fruit salad (watermelon, grapes and strawberries).  Again, we listened to the CD and danced around the living room until his afternoon sitter arrived and work began again for me.

What a fantastic day with my lil man!

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