May 5, 2012 – 21 Months Old

Our lil man is 21 months old today.  His 2nd birthday is only 3 months away!  Of course, I have already ordered and received some items for his Yo Gabba Gabba! themed birthday party.  I always must be obsessive of at least one item at a time – but usually have a lot of obsessive thoughts floating around my head!

The first week of May has been hectic and tiring.  My husband had surgery on Thursday.  He is actually much better than I imagined.  However, I am acting much worse than I would imagine.  I don’t know what it is, lack of sleep, whiny son, added stress, my high expectations of myself, but I have been quite a meany.

Our son also began his occupational therapy on Thursday afternoon.  That was pure joy (sarcasm).  It was his occupational therapist, himself, another boy 27 months old, a second occupational therapist, and the two mothers.  The entire 45 minutes was filled with screaming — screams of anger, frustration, tiredness, etc.  I think there may have been a 1-2 minute gap that neither boy was yelling and throwing a fit.  That was the most exhausting 45 minutes and I am not looking forward to the next session!  However, we may have to cancel this Thursday’s session due to our son’s ADOS.

Seeing him be so miserable in that new environment and not really being able to attend and generalize the skills he has learned thus far is making me more concerned about the ADOS.  I have no idea how he will be:  happy and attention-seeking or miserable and all over the place.  I think the mere thought of this Thursday is making me sleepy right now.  Perhaps I should try to take a short nap and try to clear my mind of all thoughts!

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