May 1, 2012 – May is here

I am very optimistic and ready to start the new month.  April was Autism Awareness Month and I became so engrossed in all things related to autism.  I have decided to, instead, spend this month focusing on my beautiful son, my very brave husband (who will be undergoing a painful surgery this Thursday) and myself.  I want to make this month as “normal” as possible.

This morning my mother told me that she secured the moving truck for their move to Chico.   She has reserved it for May 30th.  That means my parents will be arriving here the beginning of June.  It seems completely surreal!  I am very excited for all of us.  This will be great for me — to have family support.  This will be great for the lil man — since he loves love and loves attention!  And I think it will be good for my husband, since his parents tend to be more selfish and self-centered than mine.  I think he will finally feel the family support that I grew up with!

Next Thursday the 10th is the date of the ADOS.  It no longer feels like this overwhelming issue.  However, I know it is, potentially, life changing, but, again, I am facing it optimistically.  Our son has made leaps and bounds the past few weeks and I think he is an amazing boy who has a huge personality and is brilliant (despite his lack or slower development of language/cognitive skills).  I may be setting myself up for disappointment, but I am preferring to remain happy now.

Life is good!

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