May 6, 2012 – Therapy

As the date of his ADOS nears, my husband and I keep reflecting on how our son was a few months ago prior to therapy and how he is now.  The change is really amazing in 3 short months!  I think if you look at things daily, you would miss the change.  However, when you make the comparison, it truly is more than I could have hoped for!

Our son can attend at a table for a period of time.  He can give eye contact to continue playing.  He knows and uses several signs.  He has actually started noticing and looking at other children at the park.  He sometimes plays with his 3-piece puzzle without being prompted to do so.  He imitates words now.  He helps put away his things.  He, literally, says “bye” to everyone.  He is excited to see Daddy and Mommy.

Again, an average person would think:  of course a 21 month old could do all of those things….he should even be doing more.  But to us, this is so much progress in so little time.

Of course, as mentioned before, I do not think our son is autistic – socially he has advanced leaps and bounds.  However, we are curious what boy they will see that day:  the boy who can attend and interact or the boy who will just hop, hop, hop for two hours straight.  This morning at the gym’s daycare a daycare worker told me how last weekend all the lil man did for two hours was non-stop hop.  I have not seen him do this outside of our house.  This concerns me a little bit.  I am sure he will not score greatly if he only hops for the ADOS!

Time will tell…but I am guessing the wait until Thursday at 10 am will be a long one!

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