May 8, 2015 – 49 hours

Yes, I am full of anxiety…I am counting down the hours (and minutes and seconds, thanks to the time and date website) to our son’s ADOS.  Currently, as I began this blog, there are 49 hours until the ADOS begins.  I have been sleeping not very soundly the past few days and I can only imagine the next two nights of sleep will even be worse.  I am hoping to have a big sigh of relief once the ADOS actually begins.   However, I can only imagine what that hour deliberation will be like when they compile his scores and decide my son’s diagnosis.  That would be a fun-filled hour, eh?  Maybe I will have to get a quick drink!

In the meantime, I will distract myself with work, bills, laundry, and planning for the lil man’s second birthday.

I wish I was one to meditate….

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